Precision Paralegal Team

Michelle Haigh Headshot

Michelle Haigh

President | Senior Licensed Paralegal
Brent Nyznyk Headshot

Brent Nyznyk

CTO | Vice President AB & BC | AB Court Agent
Cassandra DiCarlo - Precision Paralegal

Cassandra Di Carlo

Mgr. of Corp. Relations | Licensed Paralegal
Charles Foster - Precision Paralegal Services

Charles Foster

Senior Licensed Paralegal
Fred Suter - Precision Paralegal

Fred Suter

Senior Licensed Paralegal
Stephanie Logan - Precision Paralegal

Stephanie Logan

Licensed Paralegal
John McDonald - Precision Paralegal

John McDonald

AB Court Agent
Elena Grigorieva Headshot

Elena Grigorieva

Licensed Paralegal

Han Hao

Licensed Paralegal
Pami Pantigoso - Headshot

Pami Pantigoso

Jr. Court Agent
Carly Broadbent - Manager of Operations | Licensed Paralegal

Carly Broadbent

Executive Assistant | Licensed Paralegal
Melanie Torres

Melanie Torres

Legal Office Admin
Bonnie Haigh - Precision Paralegal

Bonnie Haigh

Office Administration
Lacey - Office Dog | Mascot


Office Dog | Mascot (Recovering)
Jathusan “Jat” Ratnakumaran - Precision Paralegal

Jathusan “Jat” Ratnakumaran

Licensed Paralegal (Departure Notice)
Stephen Fielder - Precision Paralegal

Stephen M. Fielder

Senior Licensed Paralegal (Retired)

Free Matter Review

Let one of our experienced paralegals or court agents review your matter and help you determine what is the next best course of action at no cost to you.

Select a date and time and talk to a paralegal. They will provide you with your legal options, estimated timelines, and costs. Legal advice is not provided during the free consultation.

DO YOU NEED LEGAL ADVICE? (Ontario Matters Only)
We understand that sometimes you do not need to hire us for your entire matter but rather when you need it. That is why we offer 15 minutes of legal advice for only $40 + Tax.