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Successful Submission

We will normally contact you within one business day with our review of your matter including next steps, pricing, timelines, or helpful resources.

If you need immediate attention please contact us @ 1 (866) 541-3966 x 1. Our offices are open Mon – Thursday 09:00 AM-5:00 PM and Friday from 09:00 AM-3:00 PM 

A consultation, either in person, online or by telephone, does not create a paralegal/lawyer-client relationship with the Paralegal or Precision Paralegal Services. We are not retained to represent you and no paralegal/lawyer-client relationship exists unless and until you receive written confirmation from us after you have filled out an ID Form, Retainer and paid the retainer amount.

Please note that the items discussed during a consultation will remain confidential and will not be discuss with unauthorized persons, unless required by the Law Society of Ontario or other governing body.

You should also note that the security of e-mail is uncertain. By sending confidential e-mail messages, participate in video calls or by using our online contact forms you accept the risks of such uncertainty and possible lack of confidentiality over the Internet.

Experience Counts

Where We Can Help

Small Claims Court

We are Small Claims Court Experts and whether you are just starting your action, or you have been served and need to file a defence we can help. We can also help with just one step of the process such as attendance at a settlement or trial.

Landlord / Tenant

Eviction? Unpaid Rent? Property Damage? Tenant not leaving? Landlord withhold a Deposit? We have been helping landlords and tenants enforce their rights and collect the money owed to them.

Mediation / Tribunals

Pet Dispute? Cancelled Wedding? Broken Contract? Disciplinary Hearing? We can  represent you, help mediate the issue and come to an acceptable resolution for both sides.