The following are examples of Precision Paralegal clients and the services that we provide to them:

Small Business Owners and Corporations
Sometimes small businesses and corporations struggle in collecting their receivables. We specialize in the collection of loans and receivables and have extensive experience in this area. The key is to know how to approach the situation and knowing how to collect your money if legal action is required. We make every attempt to reduce the need to commence litigation and try to negotiate the payment of your funds prior to taking this step. Call today to discuss how we can help you.

Auto Finance Companies & Financial Institutions
For the past 18 years we have assisted many different Auto Finance Companies and Financial Institutions in enforcing their contracts for loans, credit cards and collecting deficiency balances after a vehicle has been repossessed. Because of our extensive experience, we know how to effectively and efficiently collect your funds, and we also know when the process may be fruitless, and we can assist you in making the proper legal decisions.

Medical Professionals
We can assist dentists, orthodontists, cosmetic surgeons, veterinarians and more on collecting those unpaid receivables. Our rates can very based on volume.

Disputes with respect to loans, property damage, breach of contract and more. Some examples of our experience include dealing with home improvement disputes, loaning money to friends and family, real estate disputes and more.

Most disputes between contractors and home owners/businesses are related to breach of contract. We have experience assisting contractors when they don’t get paid for their work, or are being sued for damages.

Insurance Companies
We have had several years experience in assisting Insurance Companies in enforcing their subrogation matters. From automotive accidents to property damage, we have the knowledge and skills to enforce your rights and collect the money owing.

Collection Agencies
Having a legal extension of your business is more important today then it has ever been. Many of the major financial institutions, corporations and insurance companies are demanding that legal action be taken before the limitation period runs out. We can work with you in order to increase your collections through legal action and subsequently increase your market share. We have represented most major financial institutions at some point and know the business inside and out.

Law Firms
We have worked with many law firms that have clients who require small claims court assistance. You can keep their costs low and know that you are leaving them in capable hands by refering them to Precision Paralegal Services. Also, if you have a matter you are handling in Small Claims Court and require someone to attend a hearing on your behalf, we can also be retained on a limited retainer or to act as your agent.