Mediation | Tribunals

Good Conduct | Disciplinary Hearings

Do you need representation at a Good Conduct | Disciplinary Hearing? We can help with the Law Society or other Professional boards.


We have trained mediators that can assist in mediating the matter so that it does not need to proceed to litigation.


We have successfully represented individuals at numerous tribunals. Whether it is a disiplinary matter or other issue our team of experienced paralegals can help represent you.

Pet Disputes

Have you split up and now fighting over your pet? Do you need help establishing a custody agreement? We have experience developing solutions that are agreeable by both parties.

Cancelled Wedding

Sometimes weddings do not happen for numerous reasons. During this time often tensions are high and we can help deal with broken contracts, lost deposits and limit your liability.

Settlement Discussions

Have you been sued and do not dispute that you owe money to the Plaintiffs? We can assist with settlement discussions to avoid having to go to Court but still come to an amicable resolution

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Why Clients Choose Us?

We are one of the largest Small Claims Court focused paralegal firms in Canada. The Precision Paralegal team has been representing our clients for over 23 years. With over 150 years of combined experience and having completed over 20,000 court room hours, Precision Paralegal Services is the right choice for your matter.

We believe that using a paralegal firm should be cost-effective and significantly less expensive than using a traditional law firm. Our paralegals charge between $125.00 – $295.00 per hour as opposed to lawyers who can charge upwards of $500.00 per hour. 

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