Traffic Tickets & Provincial Offences

Traffic Tickets

Are you thinking of paying that traffic ticket? Wait!

Traffic tickets – from speeding, distracted driving, careless driving to stunt driving – can impact your driving record. Traffic tickets result in demerit points, license suspensions, hefty fines and in worse cases, even jail time! On top of that, they can dramatically raise your insurance rates or make you uninsurable.

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Stunt Driving

Being charged with Stunt Driving is a serious situation, drivers should consider getting legal advice and representation for your court appearance from Precision Paralegal.

Careless Driving

Careless Driving in the last 2 years has evolved. The law has made some significant changes. You should have someone who keeps up to date with those changes.


 Have you received a speeding ticket? Do not pay it. Talk to a member of our team and find out your legal options.


Blocking the box

Did you get charged with blocking the intersection / box? We have experience dealing with these matters.

Running a Red Light

Did you get charged with running a red light? We can help.

Distracted Driving

Eating while driving? Did you cause an accident and get charged with distracted driving? We have helped people just like you.

Provincial Offences

There is a common misconception that provincial offences are traffic tickets alone.

Provincial offences are noncriminal offences that are regulated independently by each province in Canada. In Ontario, there are thousands of laws enacted under provincial legislation that often takes a very similar form in procedure and consequences as Criminal Code offences and a typically prosecuted under the Provincial Offences Act which carries consequences of fines, probation, or imprisonment.

Some other Provincial Offences

  • The Trespass to Property Act deals with matters of illegal entry into private or public domain/property.
  • The Liquor License Act deals with violations such as selling alcohol without license or selling to minors.
  • There are other regulatory matters such as building code violations etc.

These charges, besides carrying heavy fines, attach a certain stigmatization for the company or individual that may come back and cause significant problems in the future.

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Did you get charged under Tresspass to Property Act? We can help represent you.

Underage Selling

Did you get charged with selling alcohol/cannibas/tobacco to minors? we can help defend you.

Building Code Violation

Did you get charged with a building code violation? We can help you fight the charge

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