What happen if the application is transferred to the investigations department?

If further review in the Investigations department is necessary, the applicant will be notified in writing and will be provided with an explanation for the investigation.

If the good character investigation was initiated as a result of information that the Law Society received from a source other than the applicant, the applicant will be provided with details of that information.

The Investigations department may ask the applicant to provide additional factual information and reference letters, and the applicant will be given an opportunity to provide additional information or explanation about the issue. Third parties may be interviewed, if required. At the conclusion of an investigation, a determination will be made about whether the licensing application should be referred to a hearing, or whether the good character issue(s) should be cleared and the application returned to the licensing process. In making that decision, the Investigations department will consider the facts revealed by the investigation, whether the Law Society can prove the conduct in issue, and, if so, whether it is in the public interest to hold a hearing to explore the issue.

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