Small Claims Court Experts

With 20,000 hours in the courtroom and over 25 Million dollars recovered for our clients, we are the right choice for your Small Claims Court, Landlord / Tenant, Highway Traffic Act or Provincial Offenses Act matter.

Both in Ontario and Alberta we offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation with one of our experienced paralegals.

Areas of Practice

Small Claims Court

We are Small Claims Court Experts and whether you are just starting your action, you have been served and need to file a defence or you just need help with one step of the process such as attendance at a settlement or trial we can help.

Landlord Tenant

Unpaid Rent? Property Damages? Eviction? We help Landlords and Tenants assert their rights at a Landlord and Tenant Board Hearing.


Highway Traffic Act

Speeding Ticket? Distracted Driving Ticket? Careless Driving? Stunt Driving? Let us fight for the best outcome in your Highway Traffic Act matter.

Provincial Offenses Act (POA)

Trespassing? Selling Alcohol without a license or to minors? Building Code Violations? Provincial offences are noncriminal offences that can carry consequences of fines, probation, or imprisonment. We can help represent you.

What We Do

We offer a full spectrum of legal services to both individuals and companies related to Ontario & Alberta Small Claims Court, Provincial Offences Act and Landlord Tenant matters. We offer fixed fee packages, competitive hourly rates or we can customize our services to suit your needs.

Are you Being Sued

You only have 20 days to file your defence and what you say in your defence will affect the outcome. Let us assist you in obtaining the most favourable results.

Do you want to Sue

We can review your situation and help you determine the best course of action. In many cases we can work to try to resolve the matter prior to it going legal saving you time and money

Landlord / Tenant Issue

We can help you traverse the landlord tenant board and be your advocate.

Distracted Driving Ticket

Were you using a handheld device in any way, such as talking, texting, checking maps or choosing a playlist? Eating behind the wheel? Reading while driving? Let us help fight the ticket today. Protect your driving record.

Blocking the Box

Were you blocking major roads during rush hour? Did you stop momentarily? We can help fight the ticket. Contact us today.

Traffic Ticket

Did you get a Speeding Ticket? Running a Red Light? No Insurance? We can help you fight the ticket. Call us today

RSLA Matter

Is your car being held by your mechanic? Are you disputing the invoice? Do you have a client that won’t pay your storage bill or mechanics invoice? We can assist in resolving the repair or storage dispute through Small Claims Court under the Repairs and Storage Liens Act (RSLA).

Real Estate Dispute

Found your dream home? Or so you thought? Have you taken possession of your new property and found issues with the electrical, plumbing, mold, or have the appliances been taken away or changed out to a less desirable model? We can assist you in making the situation right.

Unpaid Receivables

We have assisted Financial Institutions, Finance Companies, and individuals in recovering unpaid receivables & loans for the past 20 years. Small Claims Court is your most effective and least expensive way of collecting your debts.

Contractor Disputes

Are you a homeowner left with a mess by your contractor? Are you a contractor who isn’t getting paid? We have extensive Small Claims Court experience assisting both homeowners and contractors in their disputes.

Broken Contracts

Did you have an agreement with a an individual or business and they have not fulfilled their obligations? Has the other party cancelled the agreement and it caused you unnecessary expense? We can assist you.

Neighbour Dispute

Having trouble with your neighbour? Have they cut down a tree that was on your property? Have they built a fence that doesn’t comply with the city by-laws, are they simply causing a nuisance. Small Claims Court sees many of these types of disputes.

Insurance Subrogation

We have 20 years of experience assisting insurers with their subrogated claims in Small Claims Court. Whether the Small Claims Court matter is related to uninsured motorists or property damage, we have the knowledge and experience to help.

Court Attendances

Do you need assistance in the courtroom? We can be retained for the sole purpose of attending the following types of hearings: Motions, Settlement Conferences, Terms of Payment Hearings, Assessment Hearings, Trials, and Garnishment Hearings.

Portfolio Management

Do you have numerous legal files, but no recoveries? Let us help you design your internal Legal Procedures and Processes in order to increase your efficiency and maintain control over your portfolio.

Why a Paralegal?

Paralegals are regulated by the Law Society of Ontario, the same as lawyers and are required to follow the same professional code of conduct, operate in an ethical manner, and carry insurance.

It is also usually more cost effective to use a Paralegal. Further, paralegals are extremely active in these Small Claims Court and Landlord Tenant matters and generally have a better understanding of the process and expectations in these courts and tribunals.

Michelle Haigh, Senior Partner of Precision Paralegal Services, worked with the Law Society of Ontario to create the video below as an overview of Paralegals.

SmALL CLaims Court Experience Matters

We are one of the largest Small Claims Court focused paralegal firms in Canada. The Precision Paralegal Services team has been representing our clients in the Ontario & Alberta Small Claims Courts for over 21 years. With over 80 years of combined experience and having completed over 20,000 Ontario Small Claims Court room hours, this makes Precision Paralegal Services the right choice

Years in Operation

Million Recovered

Years Combined Experience

Court Room Hours

Our Rates and Fees

Our Ontario & Alberta Small Claims Court rates will vary depending on the complexity of each individual case. For many of our clients we can offer standardized package based pricing however in some cases it will be necessary for our fee to be hourly. We will let you know up front prior to any work being completed and provide you an overview of your expected fees. It never costs you anything to Contact Us to obtain a free consultation and personalized quote.


ClaimEZ™ allows our clients to track their Small Claims Court or Landlord Tenant files progress, download documents, monitor billing and communicate easily with our team.