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Our Rates

Paralegal ValueWe believe that using a paralegal firm should be cost-effective and significantly less expensive than using a traditional law firm. Our paralegals and court agents charge between $125.00 – $295.00 per hour as opposed to lawyers who can charge upwards of $500 per hour.

During your initial free consultation you will be paired with a paralegal that has the appropriate experience to review your matter with you, provide you with your legal options and an estimate of their costs. As you can understand, costs can vary from one case to another and we cannot guarantee the exact cost of litigation due to its unpredictable nature. However, you can be assured you will only be charged for the time spent to effectively represent you. Additionally, to keep costs low we utilize our administrative staff wherever possible who bill at $75.00 per hour

We believe in transparency and that is why an estimate is provided to you during your initial free consultation, you are involved every step of the way and you can securely view your matter and invoices online at any time.

We also offer customers with Accounts Receivable matters or corporate clients with consistent similar matters the benefit of predictable, fixed-rate billings. These flat rates are reduced based on volumes.

It never costs you anything to contact us to obtain a free consultation and personalized quote.

Free Matter Review

Not sure if you have a case? Let us review your matter and help determine the next step at no cost to you.

Select a date and time and talk to a paralegal. They will provide you with your legal options, estimated timelines, and costs. Legal advice is not provided during the free consultation.

DO YOU NEED LEGAL ADVICE? (Ontario Matters Only)
We understand that sometimes you do not need to hire us for your entire matter but rather when you need it. That is why we offer 15 minutes of legal advice for only $40 + Tax.

Don't take our word for it

Reviews From Our Clients

google logoPrecision Paralegal ServicesPrecision Paralegal Services
4.7 Stars - Based on 124 User Reviews
  • Barkley and Barkley Professional Corporation Avatar
    Barkley and Barkley Professional Corporation
    4/01/2021 - Google

    My dealings with Heather Barnes were very professional and I was impressed with her work. She was timely and addressed my concerns in a concise manner. Would recommend.

    Laura K Avatar
    Laura K
    3/31/2021 - Google

    Heather Barnes was great to work with, quick responses and very professional. Would absolutely work with her again!

    Jitendra Patil Avatar
    Jitendra Patil
    3/29/2021 - Google

    Really knows what he needs to do, I just called him for free advice and he went ahead and gave me more than enough info without any charge.

    Recommend him 100%

  • Elan Van Wyck Avatar
    Elan Van Wyck
    2/19/2021 - Google

    Michelle and her team are absolutely fantastic. Jumped on a call with me, knew exactly what I needed and the result was that I never had to go to court.... read more

    Heather M Avatar
    Heather M
    2/14/2021 - Google

    Can't thank Heather Barnes enough for her quick response to my questions. Super professional, excellent customer service, went above and beyond for me! Thank you.

    Allison Wilson Avatar
    Allison Wilson
    2/13/2021 - Google

    Heather Barnes is amazing. Extremely professional and well spoken. Quick to respond as well. Very knowledgable about landlord / tenant issues. Highly recommend.

  • Jess Lynn Avatar
    Jess Lynn
    2/10/2021 - Google

    Precision Paralegal was professional, affordable and they were successful in regards to my case. I felt relieved after my very first call with Brent, he was attentive to my... read more

    Brent Connolly Avatar
    Brent Connolly
    2/06/2021 - Google

    Brent was awesome! He had a course of action right away and made me feel confident in my situation. I will definitely contact him for any future claims!

    tom bernier Avatar
    tom bernier
    2/03/2021 - Google

    These guys were great gave me lots of information and were very knowledgeable about the process in me filing a claim.

  • Geoff Whatley Avatar
    Geoff Whatley
    1/26/2021 - Google

    Brent is a great guy. A straight shooter and offered up some amazing information to help with my civil case moving forward. Thanks to you and your team for speaking... read more

    Dennis Beierbach Avatar
    Dennis Beierbach
    1/14/2021 - Google

    Brent at Precision helped me out of a troublesome situation wither billing and poor quality work on going for 6 months in a matter of days.

    Uday Siramdasu Avatar
    Uday Siramdasu
    12/17/2020 - Google

    Great initial consultation!!

  • Abhijit Ghosh Avatar
    Abhijit Ghosh
    12/14/2020 - Google

    I needed to work with a paralegal company and found Precision Paralegal Services. I worked with Jathusan Ratnakumaran, a licensed paralegal. He gave me very good professional advise. He understood... read more

    Robert Kampen Avatar
    Robert Kampen
    12/10/2020 - Google

    We have used Stephen Fielder several times now and he has always been efficient and thorough with our cases. I would highly recommend his services.

    Teresa Mersereau Avatar
    Teresa Mersereau
    12/10/2020 - Google

    My first time experience with this service was very helpful in reaching a decision about next steps with my legal issue. Michelle was very knowledgeable regarding the subject matter and... read more

  • Grace Burzese Avatar
    Grace Burzese
    12/09/2020 - Google

    Thank you Heather Barnes for the excellent client care and service, it was a positive experience all the way through. Not only were you professional but I really appreciated how... read more

    Chris Fernlund Avatar
    Chris Fernlund
    12/08/2020 - Google

    I had a very positive consultation with Heather Barnes. She was extremely helpful with providing me advice. I hope others have the opportunity to work with you her too

    Carolyn Turner Avatar
    Carolyn Turner
    12/07/2020 - Google

    Such a pleasure to discuss our matter with Brent. He was able to give us some much needed solid advice and now we have a plan to deal with... read more

  • Bernadette Kirk Avatar
    Bernadette Kirk
    12/04/2020 - Google

    Super easy to use and Brent was able to quickly understand our situation and provide guidance. I would recommend this service for anyone who just isn't quite sure if they... read more

    Anna Timonina Avatar
    Anna Timonina
    12/02/2020 - Google

    I have received very good legal advice from Precision Paralegal Services. The paralegal I talked to listened careful to my problem, he was very attentive, and I was very satisfied... read more

    Meagan Eden Avatar
    Meagan Eden
    11/29/2020 - Google

    I had a few legal questions and I wasn’t sure where to start. I reached out with my questions and Heather Barnes was great. She answered my questions in easy... read more

  • TJ Ekonomakis Avatar
    TJ Ekonomakis
    11/27/2020 - Google

    Best choice I made when going a legal route, the free consultation really provided me with the right path in regards to my legal matter. Very detailed very accurate and... read more

    Tracy Holland Avatar
    Tracy Holland
    11/26/2020 - Google

    Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, straight-forward, helpful, understanding and able to provide options that will suit any budget. Thank you, Brent for your excellent service. The information you provided us... read more

    Ahilan Somapalan Avatar
    Ahilan Somapalan
    11/19/2020 - Google

    Highly satisfied with my experience. Mr.Jathusan Ratnakumaran was a thorough professional. He educated me on what to expect

    I highly recommend Mr Ratnakumaran ....200% with out any question

  • AMY LAU Avatar
    11/12/2020 - Google

    I benefited very much from their free consultations and helpful information before the start of their service. They are very professional , patient and be there to try their... read more

    Pam Allen Avatar
    Pam Allen
    11/11/2020 - Google

    Thank you for the advice. You were honest and provided a practical point of view. I will definitely use your service in the future if needed

    Jeffrey Yu Avatar
    Jeffrey Yu
    11/07/2020 - Google

    Needed to talk to a professional for some quick legal advice. Precision Paralegal was able to connect me with one of their professionals of the relevant specialty; all within... read more

  • Jeffrey Yu Avatar
    Jeffrey Yu
    11/05/2020 - Google

    Needed to talk to a professional for some quick legal advice. Precision Paralegal was able to connect me with one of their professionals of the relevant specialty; all within... read more

    Erin Rector Avatar
    Erin Rector
    11/04/2020 - Google

    I booked an online appointment to see if i was able to pursue a legal battle with a former employee. Turns out, it wouldn’t be worth it in the... read more

    JaeBird Avatar
    10/31/2020 - Google

    I had an issue with some tenant laws awhile back and Heather was an amazing help. I had no prior knowledge going in and left informed and ready for what... read more