What is and how can I do a Business Search?

A corporate search can be done by using an online service by third party companies such as ESC (https://www.eservicecorp.ca/) or Cyberbhan (https://cyberbahngroup.ca/) , or you can contact us at PrecisionParalegal (https://www.precisionparalegal.ca) and we can conduct the search(es) for you for a small fee.

Corporate Searches can cost roughly $50 per document and you may be able to claim these fees back in your judgment.

A corporate search or business names search is likely one of the most neglected parts of litigation by a self represented party.

It is extremely important that you conduct searches on the business you are suing prior to issuing a claim. If you do not name a party correctly, it can be impossible to collect the funds due to you. Further, if you make a mistake in naming a party you can get to the stage where judgment can be obtained but you can be forced to amend your claim and basically start the process all over again.

A business names search will tell you if the company you are suing is a corporation, sole proprietorship, or partnership. It is important to know which type of company you are dealing with because the rules of serving the claim will be different for each. Also, you may be able to sue the owner of the business depending on the type of company it is.

A Corporate Profile Report tells you the registered head office address for the company and the names and addresses of all the directors and officers for the corporation. It also can confirm if the corporation is still “active” (being Active does not confirm the company is still operating, just that they continue to have an active company registered with the government). The report will also advise you when the company was registered, in what province, if it’s a federally incorporated company, and if it has any registered business names. All of this information is helpful when deciding who to sue, where to sue, and where to serve the claim amongst other things.

A business search on a sole proprietorship or partnership will tell you the properly registered business name as well as the registered owner or partners in the company. You will want to name both the business and the individual(s) who own the company. The search will tell you the registered address for the business as well as the names and addresses of the owner/partners. The search will also advise if the company is still active and when it was first registered.

If you are attempting to search for a company and you cannot locate it, there may be other options available to you. You should contact a paralegal to assist you in determining the best way to move forward.

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