How do I Serve my Small Claims Court Claim on a Business?

If you are serving the claim yourself on a business:

  • Do you have a corporate search? If not, you will want this prior to issuing and/or serving your claim. See our video on “suing a business” or “what is a corporate search”
  • it must be hand-delivered to the company and left with the person in charge at the time of your attendance.
  • If there is only one person in attendance at the time of service, they are assumed to be in charge
  • You need to obtain the name and position of the person you leave it with
  • You need to take note of the date and time you serve it.
  • If the company is no longer at the registered head office address, and you have attempted to serve the claim there, you can send it by regular mail to the address, and to the address of all directors outlined on the corporate profile report

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