How do I Serve My Small Claims Court Claim on an Individual?

If you are serving the claim yourself on an individual:

  • obtain the name of the individual in the household that you are giving the claim to, if not the party you are serving – if they don’t provide it to you, that’s ok.
  • No signatures are required when serving a claim on your own
  • Take note of the date and time of the service
  • Do not leave it with someone who appears to be under the age of 16
  • If serving them at work, you must hand-deliver it to the person you are suing. You cannot leave it with anyone else at the place of work.
  • You cannot leave the claim in a mailbox or at the front door.
  • Someone must be home to accept service. If they choose not to accept service you can leave it at their feet, but only after confirming the individual lives at the address with the party, you are serving.

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